HG Wells Ltd. Wireline System

HG Wells Ltd. are proud to offer the services of THE HG WELLS WIRELINE SYSTEM. The ASEP Wireline Truck is a self contained intervention unit enabling cost and time saving deployment to any site. Truck mounted mast removing the need for additional onsite crane charges.

Available for Slickline or Braided line operation.

Slickline Services

With a combined 50+ year experience in Slickline Operations HG Wells Ltd. are equipped, not only with time served personnel, but with the highest industry standard equipment to provide expert slickline services.

Wireline, Logging and Perforating

With the capability of providing a large array of logging, perforating and surveying tooling and equipment HG Wells Ltd. can provide solutions for almost any wireline requirement including but not limited to:

  • CBL
  • Calliper Survey
  • CCL
  • Production Logging Instrumentation
  • Gauge Surveys
  • Perforating Gun Strings
  • Mechanical Perforating Tools

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